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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
The Impassioned Years: Partisans of Pskov   Rotnitski, Semen Aronovich   oil on canvas  c. 1975-1990 
The Liberation of Bulgaria by the Soviet Army   Petrov, Ivan Semenovich   oil on canvas  1960 
The Returning   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1987 
The Rye is Almost Ready   Fedorov, Vyacheslav Andreevich   oil on canvas  1955 
The Snows Have Started to Thaw (Early Spring)   Terpsikhorov, Nikolai Borisovich   oil on canvas  1946 
The Steel Worker   Motovilov, Georgi Ivanovich   bronze  1936 
The Swing   Gavrilkevitch, Eugeni Grigorevich   oil on canvas  1981 
The Threshing Floor   Nechitailo, Vasili Kirillovich   oil on board  1972 
The Workers in Batumi   Seidashvili, Vladimir (Lado) Osmanis Dze   oil on board  1966 
The Yard   Akinshin, Mikhail Vasilevich   oil on board  1962 
The Young Architect   Goncharov, Grigori Andreevich   oil on board  1954 
They are Writing about Us in Pravda   Vasilev, Aleksei Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1951 
Three Russian Women   Kurmanaevski, Vasili Panfilovich   crayon/conte  1925 
Traparevo Village in Winter   Tkachev, Aleksei Petrovich   oil on board  1980 
Ukraine Reclaims   Bozhi, Mikhail Mikhailovich   oil on canvas  1958 
Under Construction Leningrad   Lomakin, Oleg Leonidovich   oil on canvas mounted  1960 
Victory   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1985 
Village by the River   Zamtaradze, Shota Ambakovich   oil on canvas  1957 
Village By the River   Volodimirov, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1972 
Village in the North   Vilenskaya, Anna   oil on canvas  2007 
Village Street   Nurmukhametov, Rashid Mukhametbareyevich   oil on board  1960 
Village Yard   Zamtaradze, Shota Ambakovich   oil on canvas  1963 
Weeding Women   Fridman, Karl Sholomovich   oil on board  1961 
Wet Day, Spring Forest "Grey Day"   Gritsai, Alexsei Mikhailovich   oil on board  1970 
Winter at Peak   Belykh, Alexei Pavlovich   oil on canvas  1963 
Showing 176 to 200 of 207 Records

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