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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Portrait of Milkmaid, K.E. Kuznetsovoy   Sokolov, Nikolai Feodorovich   oil on canvas  1973 
Still Life with Pumpkin and Potatoes   Ovchinnikov, Aleksandr Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1974 
Luba Portrait of Artist's Daughter   Belykh, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna   oil on canvas  1975 
Russian Still Life   Maksimov, Konstantin Mefodevich   oil on board  1978 
March of the Partisans   Gulyaev, Aleksandr Georgievich   oil on canvas  1978 
Celebration in Pervomisk, Odessa Region   Dumenko, Sergei Danilovich   oil on canvas  1979 
Traparevo Village in Winter   Tkachev, Aleksei Petrovich   oil on board  1980 
Old Houses and New Apartments   Fedorov, Nikolai Alekseevich   oil on canvas  1980 
Newlyweds   Kirichenko, Elena Stepanovna   oil on canvas  1980 
Workers Strike in the Port, Batumi   Martinov, V. I.   oil on canvas  1981 
The Swing   Gavrilkevitch, Eugeni Grigorevich   oil on canvas  1981 
Before the Storm   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1982 
Soldier on Vacation   Spornikov, Boris Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1984 
Still Life with Apples, Fish and Nude Bronze Statue   Zuladze (Tskhadaya), Zaur Akakievich   oil on board  1985 
Victory   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1985 
Study to "Children"   Tkachev, Sergei Petrovich   oil on canvas  1985 
The Returning   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1987 
Art   Kotlyarov, Pavel Lvovich   oil on canvas  1988 
Chernobyl   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1989 
Spring in Ahalsheni   Boreiko, Oleg   oil on canvas  1989 
Portrait of a Friend   Martynov, Yuru Isaevich   oil on canvas  1989 
Still Life with Flowers   Kutilin, Vladimir Aleksandrovich   oil on board  1990 
First of June   Berberian "Berian", Galust Fedorovich   oil on canvas  1991 
Silence   Konopasek, Lenka Liskovcova   oil on canvas  1998 
Still-Life with Samovar, Plate and Bowls, Key and Scales   Syrovikin, Yuri   Oil on Canvas  1998 
Showing 176 to 200 of 207 Records

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