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Cover thumbnail for Russian Stories, Soviet Ideals Exhibition (2014-2018) Russian Stories, Soviet Ideals Exhibition (2014-2018)

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Blockade of Leningrad   Lomakin, Oleg Leonidovich   oil on canvas  1961 
Curious Onlookers   Trotsenko, Aleksei Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1962 
Election Day on the Collective Farm   Kozhevnikov, Ivan Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1958 
Fisherman and his Sick Son   Tutunov, Andrei Andreevich   oil on canvas  1964 
In the Stalin Factory   Kostin, Mikhail Alekseevich   oil on canvas  1949 
Invasion: Enemy at the Door   Ulyanov, Nikolai Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1965 
Just Graduated, `We Are Going Into a New Life'   Kitaev, Akhmed Abadullovich   oil on canvas  1953 
Kazakhstan's Virgin Land: Tents on the Frontier   Shmelev, Dmitri Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1955-1956 
Marine and Sailors Disembarking, Savastopol 1944   Andreichenko, Semion Semionovich   bronze  1965 
Portrait Bust of Count Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi   Troubetzkoy, Prince Paolo Petrovitch   bronze  1908 
Portrait of a Villager, Mikhailo Gulyaev   Plastov, Arkadi Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1946 
Portrait of Krasnosheeva, a Dancer in the Kirov Ballet (the Artist's Wife)   Serov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1948 
Russian Mother Baking Bread*   Kozlov, Engels Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1967 
Soldier and Wounded Comrade on Horseback   Denisyevskaya-Busigina, Natalia Borisivna   bronze  1960s 
Soldier with Tuba   Unknown, Soviet Artist   bronze  1960s 
Stalin's Toast: `To the Great Russian People' (Study)   Khmelko, Mikhail Ivanovich   oil on paper  1946 
Storming the Winter Palace   Sokolov, Vasili Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1962 
Tank-Driver Kuznetsov   Zernova, Ekaterina Sergeevna   oil on canvas  1933 
The Impassioned Years: Partisans of Pskov   Rotnitski, Semen Aronovich   oil on canvas  c. 1975-1990 
The Steel Worker   Motovilov, Georgi Ivanovich   bronze  1936 
They are Writing about Us in Pravda   Vasilev, Aleksei Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1951 
Under Construction Leningrad   Lomakin, Oleg Leonidovich   oil on canvas mounted  1960 
Young Pioneers Sewing the Banner: Workers of the World Unite!   Belashova-Alekseeva, Ekaterina   bronze  1949 
Young Rural Love   Beklemishev, Vladimir Aleksandrovich   bronze  1896 
Showing 1 to 24 of 24 Records

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