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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Floral with Three Vases   Kondratyuk, Vasili Fedorovich   oil on board  1966 
Forest Beauty   Sokolov Skalya, Pavel Petrovich   oil on canvas  1948 
Forest Path in Autumn   Soshnikov, Ivan Sergeevich   oil on canvas  1956 
Gathering of the Mushrooms   Chuikov, Evgeni Vasilevich   oil on board  1962 
Going to the Festival   Grigorev, Sergei Georgievich   oil on canvas  1957 
Golden Autumn: Lady with Red Hat   Kozlov, Engels Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1962 
Good Catch   Popova, Zoya Gurevna Kikolaevna   oil on canvas  1960 
Greeting the Champions: Winners of the Five Year Plan   Sibirski, Veniamin Mikhailovich   oil on canvas  1963 
Gur Amir, Samarkand   Akinshin, Mikhail Vasilevich   oil on board  1963 
Hard Days   Shibnev, Anatoli Demyanovich   oil on canvas  1953 
Hay Cutting Time   Vysotski, Anatoli Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1962 
Home from the Sea: Nocturne   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1968 
Horses at the Trough   Serov, Valentin Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1901 
House in the Far North, Vazhgort   Semenyuk, Yuri Ivanovich   oil on board  1965 
In the Artist's Studio   Tartakovski, Issak Isifovich   oil on canvas  1958 
In the Factory: Study   Maiorov, Petr Ilich   oil on board  1970 
In the House of Korovina   Polyakov, Valentin Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1951 
In the New House (study)   Novikov, Nikolai Fedorovich   oil on board  1961 
In the Old Park   Chuikov, Evgeni Vasilevich   oil on board  1959 
In the Stalin Factory   Kostin, Mikhail Alekseevich   oil on canvas  1949 
Invasion: Enemy at the Door   Ulyanov, Nikolai Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1965 
Join Up: Actor of the Red Army   Bashkevich, Anatoli Andreevich   oil on canvas  1960s 
Just Graduated, `We Are Going Into a New Life'   Kitaev, Akhmed Abadullovich   oil on canvas  1953 
Karmen   Serov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1947 
Kazakhstan's Virgin Land: Tents on the Frontier   Shmelev, Dmitri Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1955-1956 
Showing 51 to 75 of 213 Records

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