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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
By the School Door: The Reluctant Scholar   Bogdanov Belski, Nikolai Petrovich   oil on canvas  c. 1897 
By the Television   Usikova, Evdokiya Grigorevna   oil on canvas  1951 
Celebration in Pervomisk, Odessa Region   Dumenko, Sergei Danilovich   oil on canvas  1979 
Chernobyl   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  1989 
Collective Farm Horse Keeper   Vertkov, Nikolai Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1968 
ComSolMols Planting Trees, new Embankment of the Volga Don Canal   Ovchinnikov, Nikolai Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1952 
Conductor   Nepyanov, Viktor Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1963 
Construction of a Bridge   Semenyuk, Yuri Ivanovich   oil on board  1962 
Cossacks on the Don   Shinkarenko, Stanislav Gavrilovich   oil on canvas  1955 
Country Doctor   Shapaev, Fedor Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1964 
Crimea River   Serov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich   oil on board  1950 
Curious Onlookers   Trotsenko, Aleksei Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1962 
Dance Khorumi   Zamtaradze, Shota Ambakovich   oil on canvas mounted  1961 
Dawn of the Great Revolution   Zamtaradze, Shota Ambakovich   oil on canvas  1965 
Dictators of the Proletariat: Lenin and Stalin Conversing   Yakovenko, Nikolai Nikolaevich   oil on canvas  c. 1950 
Dump Truck   Tkachev, Mikhail Evdokimovich   oil on canvas  1956 
During the Hunt   Smirnov, Anatoli Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1956 
Election Day on the Collective Farm   Kozhevnikov, Ivan Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1958 
Evening at the Farmhouse in Late Winter   Gritsai, Alexsei Mikhailovich   oil on board  1969 
Evening in the North Country   Syrovikin, Yuri   oil on canvas  1970s 
Feeding the Chickens   Dolinina, Antonina Aleksandrovna   oil on canvas  1965 
Female Discus Thrower   Unknown Soviet, (Sculpture)   metal  1930 
First of June   Berberian "Berian", Galust Fedorovich   oil on canvas  1991 
First Study for Wedding Dinner   Kugach, Yuri Petrovich   oil on board  1950 
Fisherman and his Sick Son   Tutunov, Andrei Andreevich   oil on canvas  1964 
Showing 26 to 50 of 213 Records

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