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Artists and Academy: Highlights from the Soviet Collection

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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Marine and Sailors Disembarking, Savastopol 1944   Andreichenko, Semion Semionovich   bronze  1965 
Babushka: the Artist's Mother   Arapov, Vasili Mikhailovich   oil on canvas  1956 
Portrait of the Artist Aleksandr Alekseevich Efimov   Babkov, Sergei Fedorovich   oil on canvas  1959 
Young Rural Love   Beklemishev, Vladimir Aleksandrovich   bronze  1896 
Young Pioneers Sewing the Banner: Workers of the World Unite!   Belashova-Alekseeva, Ekaterina   bronze  1949 
Luba Portrait of Artist's Daughter   Belykh, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna   oil on canvas  1975 
Ukraine Reclaims   Bozhi, Mikhail Mikhailovich   oil on canvas  1958 
Soldier and Wounded Comrade on Horseback   Denisyevskaya-Busigina, Natalia Borisivna   bronze  1960s 
Musical Interlude   Filatov, Leonid Georgievich   oil on canvas  1956 
The Young Architect   Goncharov, Grigori Andreevich   oil on board  1954 
Evening at the Farmhouse in Late Winter   Gritsai, Alexsei Mikhailovich   oil on board  1969 
Just Graduated, `We Are Going Into a New Life'   Kitaev, Akhmed Abadullovich   oil on canvas  1953 
Plenty: The Triumph of Communism Study for mosaic in Lenin Station in..   Korolev, Aleksandr Leonidovich   oil on board  1956 
Art   Kotlyarov, Pavel Lvovich   oil on canvas  1988 
Election Day on the Collective Farm   Kozhevnikov, Ivan Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1958 
The First Television   Kozlov, Ivan Aleksandrovich   oil on board  1952 
Artist's Model in Pink Floral Dress   Krivitski, Leonid Gerschovich   oil on canvas  1955 
Pioneer Girl (study)   Kugach, Yuri Petrovich   oil on board  1960s 
Blond Girl (study)   Kugach, Yuri Petrovich   oil on board  1960s 
Three Russian Women   Kurmanaevski, Vasili Panfilovich   crayon/conte  1925 
Beach at Sochi   Mozhaev, Aleksei Vasilevich   oil on canvas  1957 
Nude Study of Sophia the Artist's Wife   Nekrasov, Vladimir Ilich   pencil  1953 
Still Life with the Medals of M. Isaakova   Nikich Krilichevski, Anatoli Yurevich   oil on canvas  1951 
Portrait of a Villager, Mikhailo Gulyaev   Plastov, Arkadi Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1946 
Portrait of the Cellist Aleksandr Valerianovich Verzhbilovich   Repin, Ilya Efimovich   pencil  1895 
Showing 1 to 25 of 48 Records

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