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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Woman in Black wearing a Pearl Necklace   Krivitski, Leonid Gerschovich   oil on canvas  1955 
Portrait of the Chief Instructor Mechanic Sargent G. A. Sakharov   Mischenko, Fedor Pavlovich   oil on canvas  1965 
Scientists at the Airport   Shvarkov, Boris Pavlovich   oil on canvas  1964 
Plenty: The Triumph of Communism Study for mosaic in Lenin Station in..   Korolev, Aleksandr Leonidovich   oil on board  1956 
Bearded Man Smoking a Cigarette   Samarin, Aleksandr Sergeevich   oil on canvas  1950 
Join Up: Actor of the Red Army   Bashkevich, Anatoli Andreevich   oil on canvas  1960s 
Letter from Home   Bashkevich, Anatoli Andreevich   oil on canvas  c. 1960 
Musical Interlude   Filatov, Leonid Georgievich   oil on canvas  1956 
Luba Portrait of Artist's Daughter   Belykh, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna   oil on canvas  1975 
Invasion: Enemy at the Door   Ulyanov, Nikolai Ivanovich   oil on canvas  1965 
The Rye is Almost Ready   Fedorov, Vyacheslav Andreevich   oil on canvas  1955 
Road to Valentinovka   Fedorov, Vladimir Alexandrovich   oil on board  1965 
Weeding Women   Fridman, Karl Sholomovich   oil on board  1961 
Wet Day, Spring Forest "Grey Day"   Gritsai, Alexsei Mikhailovich   oil on board  1970 
Just Graduated, `We Are Going Into a New Life'   Kitaev, Akhmed Abadullovich   oil on canvas  1953 
Moscow Suburbs   Koryakin, Yuri Dmitrievich   oil on board  1948 
Pioneer Girl (study)   Kugach, Yuri Petrovich   oil on board  1960s 
Blond Girl (study)   Kugach, Yuri Petrovich   oil on board  1960s 
First Study for Wedding Dinner   Kugach, Yuri Petrovich   oil on board  1950 
In the New House (study)   Novikov, Nikolai Fedorovich   oil on board  1961 
Portrait of a Villager, Mikhailo Gulyaev   Plastov, Arkadi Aleksandrovich   oil on canvas  1946 
Big Pyssa Town   Popov, Igor Aleksandrovich   oil on board  1964 
New Dress   Prichepa, Yakov Maksimovich   oil on canvas  1960 
Zhiquli Mountains and Volga River (study)   Romas, Yakov Dorofeevich   oil on board  1950 
Bath House by the River   Semenyuk, Yuri Ivanovich   oil on board  1965 
Showing 51 to 75 of 213 Records

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