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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
The Rhinoceros   Christensen, James Calvin   acrylic on board  1981 
Lizard Relay: Jaguarundi with Green Iguanas and Banded Basilisks   Brest Van Kempen, Carel Pieter   acrylic on board  1991 
The Dance   Roberson, Edith Taylor   acrylic on board  2003 
Into the Woods   Robison, Mark William   acrylic on board  1997 
First Principles   Bodily, Vince J.   acrylic on board  1995 
A Bizarre Party   Roberson, Edith Taylor   acrylic on board  1985 
La Danza   Ruiz, Lindsay   acrylic on board  2021 
Sunday Walk   Wheatley, Justin   acrylic on board  2021 
Audible Gasp   Whiting, Clinton Chase   Acrylic on board  2022 
Morning White, Shadows and Monoliths   Hunger, Fred J.   acrylic on canvas  1974 
Coleus   Smith, Frank Anthony   acrylic on canvas  1974 
Along the Bear River   Groutage, Harrison Thomas   acrylic on canvas  1978 
Crow Crowded or "I Myself"   Wilson, Roger D. "Sam"   acrylic on canvas  1985 
Winter's Garden, Fairview Canyon   Young, Erla Palmer   acrylic on canvas  1988 
Cure   Smith, Frank Anthony   acrylic on canvas  1988 
Desert Sanctuary   Card, William Royden   acrylic on canvas  1997 
Skyscape   Phillips, Denis Ray   acrylic on canvas  2002 
Masks and Costumes   Huelskamp, Willamarie   acrylic on canvas  2017 
Golden Thread   Maestas, David   acrylic on canvas  2020 
Traditions   Young, Barbara   acrylic on panel  2022 
Sentinel   Riggs, Frank P.   aluminum  1988 
Easy to Raise   Velasquez, Bianca   beadwork on recycled canvas  2023 
Reflective Involvement   Crowther, Travis D.   brass  1975 
Saddlin' Up   Curtis, Hughes William   bronze  1942 
Lady Godiva   Huntington, Anna Vaughn Hyatt   bronze  1948 
Showing 1 to 25 of 304 Records

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