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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
The Great White Throne   Barkdull, Philip Henry   woodcut/blockprint  1934 
Lamb to the Slaughter   Smith, Gary Ernest   woodcut/blockprint  1971 
Scotch Broom in Bloom   Eastmond, Elbert Hindley   woodcut/blockprint  n.d. 
Jenni's Bookshelf   Card, William Royden   woodcut/blockprint  1984 
The Shelter, Ireland   Bennett, Richard   woodcut/blockprint  1929 
In Bryce Canyon   Hardman, Maud Ramona   woodcut/blockprint  1934 
Tramp Boat   Eastmond, Elbert Hindley   woodcut/blockprint  1931 
Night Music   Hyde, Marion Roundy   woodcut/blockprint  1988 
Taylor Avenue, Ogden   Wilson, Blanche P.   woodcut/blockprint  1992 
Mercur   Kearns, Howard Lasalle   woodcut/blockprint  1930s 
The Demon Mask (6/15)   Christensen, James Calvin   woodcut/blockprint  1969 
Uintah   Card, William Royden   woodcut/blockprint  1987 
Desert II   Card, William Royden   woodcut/blockprint  1978 
The Egg, the Owl, & the Fish   Christensen, James Calvin   woodcut/blockprint  1970 
Pike's Peak (14,110 Feet)   Heil, Harry Earl   woodcut/blockprint  n.d. 
Heads of Three Women*   Moore Richardson, Barbara   woodcut/blockprint  c. 1937 
Lengthen Your Stride   Lund, Grant Lorenzo   woodcut/blockprint  1972 
Sins: Concept of Mercy and Justice   Lund, Grant Lorenzo   woodcut/blockprint  1967 
Killer Bee   Taylor, Harry G.   woodcut/blockprint  1999 
Lightening #3   Taylor, Harry G.   woodcut/blockprint  2001 
Utah State Flower: Sego Lily   Eastmond, Elbert Hindley   woodcut/blockprint  1911 
Marcrocarpa and Red Hot Pokers   Wilson, Blanche P.   woodcut/blockprint  1994 
Showing 2126 to 2147 of 2147 Records

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