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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Forest Stream   Gruppe, Emile Albert   oil on canvas  1945 
Alice Reading   Sandona, Matteo   oil on board  1946 
The Swamp Reclaims   Gaertner, Carl Frederick   oil on board  1946 
Curtain Time Salt Lake Theatre   Salisbury, Cornelius   oil on board  1947 
The Broken Windmill, Missouri   Turner, Glen H.   oil on canvas  1948 
Lady Godiva   Huntington, Anna Vaughn Hyatt   bronze  1948 
Threshing Wheat in Porterville   Stewart, LeConte   oil on board  1948 
Springtime Ballet   Wassmer, Theodore Milton   oil on canvas  1949 
Nettuno   Pleissner, Ogden Minton   oil on canvas  1950 
Sudanese   Collett, Farrell Reuben   oil on board  1953 
Winter Holiday   Sample, Paul Starrett   oil on canvas  1953 
Susquehanna River   Larsen, Bent Franklin   oil on canvas  1955 
Navajo Girls and "Naki Deezht two sisters Navajo"   Ellis, Fremont F.   oil on canvas  1957 
Girl from the Village   Brackman, Robert   oil on canvas  1958 
Integration   Groutage, Harrison Thomas   gouache/tempra  1959 
Park City   Lindstrom, Gaell William   watercolor  1959 
Dark Garden   Betts, Edward Howard   oil on board  1959 
Mountain Solitude   Salisbury, Paul   oil on canvas  1961 
Rim Rock   Curtis, Hughes William   bronze  1961 
Studio Objects   Kirk, Frank Cohen   oil on canvas  1963 
Girls at the Exhibition   Kroll, Leon   oil on board  1964 
Portrait Bust of Mae Huntington   Fairbanks, Avard Tennyson   plaster  1967 
Mecham's Boots   Baxter, Ken Bischoff   oil on board  1973 
The Stone Jug   Lack, Richard   oil on canvas  1973 
Point of the Mountain, Utah   Smith, Gary Ernest   oil on canvas  1973 
Showing 26 to 50 of 304 Records

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