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Title Artist Medium & Support Creation Date
Reflective Involvement   Crowther, Travis D.   brass  1975 
Chief Washakie   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   bronze  1914 
War or Peace   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   bronze  1905 
Vanity Lair   Nelson, Sally B.   metal  c. 1975 
Paul Revere   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   bronze  1899 
Portrait of John Hancock   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   bronze  1896 
Standard Bred Stallion   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   bronze  c. 1934 
Jane Dallin The Artist's Mother   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   marble  1904 
Portrait Bust of Oliver Wendell Holmes   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   plaster  1883 
On the War Path, Sioux Tribe   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   bronze  1914 
Scout   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   bronze  1910 
Head of a Young Girl   Newton, Eugenia Everett Smith   marble  1930 
Non Objective Sycamore Sculpture   Jonas, Raymond Vincent   wood  1976 
Rugroll   Harding, C. Lance   ste  1978-1979 
Bas Relief Portrait of A. Lambourne   Young, Mahonri Mackintosh   bronze  1908 
Rain   Fairbanks, Avard Tennyson   bronze  1932 
Jephthah's Daughter   Fairbanks, J. Leo   bronze  1915 
J.L.Fairbanks Sculpting Portrait of John Hafen   Fairbanks, Avard Tennyson   plaster  1982 
Portrait Bust of John Hafen   Fairbanks, J. Leo   bronze  1907 
Danny Ainge   Buswell, (John) Blair   bronze  1981 
Pilgrim Half Dollar   Dallin, Cyrus Edwin   metal  1920-1921 
Broken Trusts   Wanlass, Stanley Glen   bronze  1981 
Portrait Bust of Gerrit de Jong   Johansen, Franz Mark   bronze  1962 
Chief John Duncan, Ute   Malin, Millard Fillmore   bronze  1935 
Frontier Scout   Young, Mahonri Mackintosh   bronze  c. 1932 
Showing 26 to 50 of 278 Records

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