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Jean Krille

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Jean Krille

(Zurich, Switzerland, 1923 - 1991, Geneva Switzerland)

Born in Zurich, Krille later studied Arts et Métiers in Vevey. His teachers included Swiss artists Max Gubler and Johannes Itten. In Paris where he studied architecture, he worked in the studios at LaGrande Chaumière and became associated with the Sartre and the existentialist movement developing contacts to Prevert and Le Courbusier. In 1955 Krille opened an architecht's bureau in Geneva. Krille's travels to Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa and the Congo for the International Committee of the Red Cross inspired many of his canvases. At the end of his life, Krille divided his time between Mont-sur-Rolle and the United States. As an artist Krille is noted for his drawings, paintings, lithographs and book illustrations. During his lifetime his works were widely exhibited in Geneva, Zurich, Paris, London, Munich and the United States. Jean Krille led a multifaceted creative existence which spanned art and architecture, philosphy, politics and humanitarian engagement working for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

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