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Ron Lee Brown

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Ron Lee Brown

(New Jersey, 1958 - )

Ron Brown explains his background and current work in photography: "I began manipulating images 20 years ago back in the dark-age days of the dark room. One mistake meant the better part of a week's work lost. The foundation that formed my images were masks and counter masks of litho film exposed onto 8 x10 Ektachrome film. "My main line of work is providing conceptual digital images for use in advertising and publishing. In college, I was always trying to make art that lay somewhere between traditional illustration and photography. I changed my major from graphic design to photography because I only became excited about advertising when there was a picture involved. The combination of photography and illustration is the natural outcome of my involvement with both. "In 1989, Communication Arts published three of my manipulated images in its Photography Annual. I was gratified to have my images in such a prestigious magazine and resolved to pursue a career in creating and marketing my unique style of work "My style has yet to be defined in the postmodernism art world. Years ago while I was in New York, I had art gallery owners telling me my work was too commercial and art directors telling me my work was fine art. Obviously good work can show up in either place. Today, my images still 'cross-over'. I have sold 'commercial' images to galleries in Toronto, New York, Boston, Salt Lake City, and London, but a vast majority of my work is directed toward the commercial market. "My work might be a demonstration of deconstruction, taking traditional meanings of images and recycling them based on technological advances such as Photoshop. The use of color, shape, value, texture, and variety are all in place, but composed in a neo-surrealistic way. I work with relationships between unrelated things, just like Picasso, who took a bicycle and made a bull's head out of it; the genius is seeing relationships between unrelated things." Ron Brown's photographs have been exhibited in galleries in London, Sydney, Hong Kong, New York, Boston, Slovenia, and in Salt Lake City at the Utah Museum of Natural History. Currently, Ron's work will appear at the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA). This is the first IDAA exhibition and it has been supported by international major institutions and scholars, including the Brooklyn museum, Australian Gallery of NSW, Queensland Art gallery, and the Victorian Arts Centre. The IDAA will be the best exhibition of digital art ever shown. The exhibition will host the top 100 images from 1,500 that have been entered so far and will represent approximately 35 artists. The exhibition will be located in Sydney, Australia. The quality of Brown's work is also attested to his list of notable clients which include Kodak, ReadRite Corporation, and Bausch & Lomb. He has won national and international awards and had his work published in magazines such as Studio Photography & Design, U.S.A. Digital Photography & Design, and Digital Foto, U.S.A. In addition to his awards for individual works, Brown has won awards for his website design. His motivation for making a living as a photographer was the idea that he always had something to say, and photography was the vehicle in which he expressed his creativity. Photography serves as a marriage between art and science for him, especially, as he mentions, when it comes to processing black-and-white prints. He was influenced by the fine art photography traditions of Ansel Adams. He mentions how with any medium, photography included, you have to control the median before you can express your creative vision. He is published in over 38 different countries throughout the world, including some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York.

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