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Judith Ann Mehr

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Judith Ann Mehr

(San Francisco, CA, 1951 - )

Judith Mehr has been painting in Utah for 22 years. She has been commissioned to paint many illustrations for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that have appeared in the church publication, "The Ensign," as well as other church publications and lesson manuals. She has also been commissioned to paint portraits of church presidents and general authorities. The University of Utah, Brigham Young University and the County of Salt Lake also have commissioned or purchased her work. Many of her recent paintings, landscapes and still lives, were recently commissioned by a corporation in Anchorage, Alaska, for their offices. She is currently represented in Salt Lake City and Orem, Utah by Repartee Gallery. Her work has been published in several books and publications: Two "Dialogue; A Journal of Mormon Thought," journals; All Things Testify of Him (Inspirational Paintings -by Latter-day Saint Artists); the Museum of Church History & Art's book on their collection, Images of Faith and other publications from Brigham Young University, "BYU Studies." "The International Magazine," "The Era,” “The Children's Friend" of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and the September10th issue of Newsweek Magazine in an article about the LDS Church's genealogy program. Judith Mehr, in many ways, is still trying to find the "artistic voice" that will identify her work as uniquely her own. Because she is capable of painting many different subjects in landscape, still- life, figural scenes, and portraits with various painting techniques, and enjoys doing all of these types of paintings, she sometimes wonders whether or not she is really getting at the heart of artistic expression for herself. She feels this search, at some point, will yield paintings that have her "voice" and truly speak her artistic mind. She is committed to painting and the possibilities for expression that painting affords. When she sees anything in life that piques her interest-- people, color, nature, light and shadow, she finds it hard to wait until she can get in the studio and put on canvas some form of what she has seen. Time is an enemy and physical materials are sometimes an enemy, but in the struggle often a wonderful art piece comes into existence. Judith Mehr recently celebrated her 50th birthday and decided to make the next 50 years of her life even more productive than the first 50. She is both determined to make it work in the art world after age 50 even though the art world seems to favor the young, and nervous about getting to a point of understanding her own sensibilities and desires for artistic expression. But as long as she has passion and the physical ability to paint, she will always have something to say in her art.

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