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Zaur Akakievich Zuladze (Tskhadaya)

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Zaur Akakievich Zuladze (Tskhadaya)

(1940 - )

Zaur Tskhadaya was born in the seaside town of Poti, Georgia in 1940. While the rest of the world was plunged into the depths of World War II, the young Zaur formed his impressions of the world running wild with other young boys among the brilliant subtropic plants of the state farm where he lived. These early impressions would influence Tskhadaya’s paintings which depict the world he knew in his infancy, a world “where the trees are green and there is gold in the heavens”. Tskhadaya drew his first nude woman in the 4th grade to satisfy the urging of his classmates. This picture was met with great admiration from is schoolmates, and a cuff from his teacher. While Tskhadaya loved to draw at a young age; in early school years, he dreamt of becoming a pilot. It wasn’t until his final years at school that he discovered that painting could also be a profession. So after graduating, Tskhadaya left for Sukhumi where he began studying drawing. He moved on to study at an art school in Tskhenvali where he became the first student to achieve an “excellent” graduation diploma, the highest commendation. He moved on to the Tbilisskaya Academy of the Arts where he began in the painting department but soon moved to the theater department in order to preserve the integrity of his personal style. Upon graduation, Tskhadaya became the founder of the art circle Semerka (Group of Seven) and the first art gallery in the city. Tskhadaya became a member of the Soviet Union of Artists in 1977. In 1992, Tskhadaya moved to St. Petersburg, where he remains to this day. He is famous for his multilayered, brightly colored paintings and is specifically known for his female nude portraits with express the warmth and vibrancy of the tropical climate of Georgia.

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