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Gerhard Ernest Untermann Sr.

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Gerhard Ernest Untermann Sr.

(Brandenburg, Germany, 1864 - 1956, Vernal, Utah)

Gerhard Ernest Untermann Sr., was born in Brandenburg Germany in 1864. He graduated from the University of Berlin after studying paleontology and geology. After graduating he did not find a job that allowed him to use his degree so he began working on ships. While on the sea he began to draw and paint when he had the time. He emigrated to America and became a citizen in 1893 and was a heavy advocate for socialism in the country. With Jack London and John Reid, he founded the American Communist Party and the IWW in White City, Jackson County, Oregon. He also translated Karl Marx's works into English. Eventually, his pacifist nature drove him from the party, but he remained a devoted Socialist. He traveled around the country quite a lot and worked as a zoo director, museum director, miner, and translator. He eventually moved to Vernal, Utah and it was here that he was able to engage again in his passion for paleontology due to the quarry there. He decided he wanted to paint the landscapes of Vernal and went on to produce many murals and paintings depicting prehistoric life. He died in Vernal in 1956 at the ripe old age of 91.

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